Haute Trash!

Trash Fashion Show Competition and Art Exhibition

The 2nd Annual Haute Trash!

June 15, 2024 7:00pm

At the Capitol Theatre
in Nelson, BC

An exciting wearable art runway style TRASH FASHION SHOW of creative designs crafted from post consumer waste/ upcycled materials. Designers of all ages and skill levels compete to win cash and prizes with their original trash art and trash fashions! 

This inclusive community affair also boasts trash-themed performances and a trash art exhibition.  

The idea is to generate awareness about the trash we generate, our relationship to it and coming up with creative ways to keep items out of the landfills all while having a lively time with trashions, trash art and performances.

haute [ōt] adjective: fashionably elegant or high-class. 
High-class trash? Oh yes! Wearable Art with Sass

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